Thursday 9 April 2015

PAWR - Top Romance Cover

Seperti yang dipahami khalayak ramai, cover buku romance mempunyai kemiripan satu dengan yang lainnya. Biasanya sih cover bergambar sepasang cewek dan cowok dengan segala pose. Beberapa ada yang berpose duduk, berdiri, bergandengan tangan, atau berciuman. Beberapa lazim tergolong cover yang bisa bikin kipas-kipas saat melihatnya. Biasanya sih cover yang begini menampilkan cowok shirtless dengan dada bidang dan perut sixpack, cewek berpakaian sexy seperti lingerie, dan tak ketinggalan properti terpenting yaitu ranjang. Lantas bagaimana kalau ada cover buku romance yang tampil diluar pakem tersebut? Pastinya jadi daya tarik tersendiri. 

Nah... Playing Around With Romance kali ini tampil dengan tema Top Romance Cover. Karena istilah tersebut terasa rancu, maka masing-masing dari kami memutuskan untuk membuat sendiri kriteria Top Romance Cover. Kali ini saya memilih 5 cover yang memiliki gambar "heart-shape" di covernya dari lini penerbit Harlequin yang biasanya identik dengan kriteria cover yang saya sebutkan diatas.

The Rancher and His Unexpected Daughter - Sherryl Woods
Fatherhood is filled with all kinds of unexpected surprises in this acclaimed Adams Dynasty story from New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods.

Widower Harlan Adams had plenty of experience with children—male children, anyway. So when a rebellious teenage girl stole his truck and went for a joyride, Harlan was baffled. Then he confronted her intriguing, sassy mother and was totally thrown for a loop. While he might not know anything about girls, he thought he knew everything about women. Trouble was, Harlan had no experience with a woman who told him no…

A Soldire's Promise - Cynthia Thomason
This time the teacher's learning the lesson…in love

Brenna Sullivan has a strict policy about not getting emotionally involved with her students. Yet there's something about the new student, Carrie, and her father that has Brenna breaking all her rules.

Mike Langston's parenting methods may be more than a little outdated, but Brenna is struck by the brave and honorable man he is and, despite her better judgment, she's falling deeper and deeper for him. But how can she cross the line when their feelings start to grow?

The Parent Trap - Lee McKenzie
The trap is set…

Single mom and successful boutique owner Sarah Stewart didn't have room in her life for a pet, let alone a man. With a teenage girl to raise and a business to run, she couldn't do anything more than look at Jonathan Marshall, the single—and singularly good-looking—man who just moved in next door with a teenage daughter of his own. Still, since their girls would be classmates, it made sense to make friends. But that was as far as it could go. Despite the best efforts of some teenage matchmaking, Sarah wasn't giving in. Because she just isn't ready to put her heart on the line—again.

Secret Santa - Cynthia Reese
It's the most wonderful time of the year

Losing a parent is never easy, and during the holidays the emptiness seems magnified. Local newspaper owner Neil Bailey knows that firsthand. That's why he's determined to help his neighbor, Dr. Charli Prescott, find the meaning of the season. Luckily he has enough cheer to go around—and the recipe for perfect cocoa. If that isn't enough to get Charli into the spirit, the town also has a Secret Santa.

Everyone's buzzing with news of the large anonymous donation and, once Neil promises to discover Santa's identity, his paper's circulation numbers skyrocket. It's his duty to report the truth. Except, as he gets closer to Charli, he's sure she's keeping something from him. All he can do is try to keep his journalistic integrity intact…while protecting the woman he thought was his Christmas miracle.

Mountains Apart - Carol Ross
Winning this battle could mean losing it all

San Diego workaholic Emily Hollings doesn't eat fish, doesn't wear flannel shirts and certainly doesn't fraternize with the enemy. So why is she finding herself charmed by Rankins, Alaska—her company's next development target—and the leader of its hostile opposition, Bering James?

She must be more burned-out than she thought. Her professional reserve is slipping. And she's starting to fantasize about a life beyond work…a life like Bering has here. Maybe they can put their professional differences aside and explore this…friendship. Or maybe she's just deluding herself. Because one of them has to win.

Melihat cover-cover diatas sih, saya merasa lebih cute, lebih heartwarming untuk sebuah cover romance. Kalau kamu bagaimana?

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  1. ya ampuunnn, syantik syantik unyu semuaaaa :3

  2. Cakep2 covernya. Paling suka yg sherryl woods

  3. Wow spesifik banget ya cover favoritnya, kudu ada gambar lope-lope. :D


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